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Knowledge Process Outsourcing

The key feature of KPO at Magnum Group is to facilitate the client organizations to increase their revenues and to enable success. Through continuous research it provides a platform to stretch the existing professional and technical capabilities further.

KPO Bhopal

Need for KPO

KPO is needed to deal with the business challenges that gets created due to complexities involved in the core processes and increasing billing cost. As a part of KPO activity, skilled resources are essentially required to analyse and develop strategies to support businesses reach its goal. Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) supports the organization to create structured processes and enhance the business line through cost arbitrage. KPO demands a more focussed skills base. It controls and influences intellectual property and capacity than just the costs. In a broad sense, KPO involves components of Business Process Outsourcing, Research Process Outsourcing and Analyses Process Outsourcing. It requires advanced level analyses skills and business domain expertise than just the process expertise.

KPO services @ Magnum

At Magnum Group our KPO team is committed to providing analytical knowledge solutions to attend to complex business challenges. Below mentioned are key activities done by Magnum Group under KPO :

  • Industry & Market Research
  • Business & Technical Analysis
  • Customer Surveys & Analysis
  • Data Analytics
  • Legal Research
business processing outsourcing, knowledge process outsourcing, operations & maintenance, utility management, security services

  • Intellectual Property Research
  • Finance & Accounting Advisory Services
  • Educational & Training Services
  • Report Writing
  • Data Management